Sprints are one of the two pillars of the Drupal Developer Days: they are an excellent opportunity for any Drupal developer to code along the best minds of our community for an entire week!

Where do I start?

By adding your name and/or your sprint to the sprints planning document: if you have any topic you are interested in, don't be shy to chime in! Mentors and Sprint leaders will be there to help you.

The sprint rooms will be open every day (including those of the sessions) from 09:00 every day from Tuesday 21st to Saturday 25th and from 09:00 to 18:00.

Remember: sprints are not only for Drupal coders! There are plenty of tasks for people who'd like to contribute, such as testing, working on design and UX, and documentation.

What am I going to work on?

That will truly depend on your interest and skills as well as the available tasks. However here's a few examples:

  • writing code for new features or fixing bugs, for core or contrib modules
  • reviewing patches' code
  • testing patches and see if they actually do what they should
  • writing documentation
  • finding bugs
  • designing module interfaces
  • working on anything that's hot in Drupal's issue queue

Anything else I should know or do?

Not really, if not just filling in the sprints planning document, and checking it every now and then to make sure you're up to date :)

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