The venue

El Fuerte de Isla Mágica

Isla Magica El Fuerte Seville

Isla Mágica is a theme park in Seville, Spain. The park was constructed on the former grounds of the Expo '92 World's Fair in Seville and opened in 1997.

Our venue will be El Fuerte, situated in the northern section of the Isla Magica Park in the thematic centre known as Puerta de América.

Seville Isla Magica El Fuerte

We won’t use the main entrance, so please take into account that we will use the entrance at C/ Juan Bautista Muñoz

Free parking is available there if you are coming to the venue by car.

El Fuerte meticulously recreates a fortress city of Ciudad Heróica of Cartagena de Indias. This covered area has capacity for around 950 people.

The central area of this fortress will be the area where the sprints will happen, and sponsors booths will be there too. There is a scenario there for keynotes and special announcements, and cafeteria, lunch service and the session rooms have direct access from this central area.

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