• All your data are belong to geo

    María Arias de Reyna
    Software Developer and Metadata shepherd

    María works at a maps forge called GeoCat as a metadata shepherd, where she tidies up and classifies data.

    Geographical data is not like plain data. You need to understand how to locate it on a four dimension universe before you can use it properly. Are we prepared to handle geodata right? Do we know how to use it? We cannot decide what kind of geodata comes into our hands. All we have to decide is what to do with the data that is given to us.

  • Invisible revolution

    Juliet Moreiro Bockhop
    Support Engineer

    @julietsvq. Support Engineer at Microsoft working on Dynamics 365 for Sales development & integrations.

    Ever heard of the invisible revolution? It's the concept of technology being anywhere and anytime, in our environment and not always tied to a screen. In this talk we will go through the different parts of an IoT project to show how we can all start taking part in the invisible revolution. Technologies and topics we will be covering: Intel Edison and Raspberry Pi, bluetooth devices, Node.js, Twitter and Cognitive Services APIs, Azure.

  • Drupal, platforms and the future of e-commerce

    Laura Valverde García
    Software Developer and CEO

    Laura Valverde is a software developer and the CEO of Beetailer, a San Francisco-based social commerce startup that was funded by Y Combinator.

    Drupal is one of the most successful open source projects in the world and has evolved from its CMS roots into a powerful, extensible platform in which to build all kind of web applications including online stores. This talk will explore some of the trends in e-commerce and the benefits (and downsides) of leveraging platforms like Facebook for building your business.

  • Debunking Myths to Drupal 8 Adoption

    Angie Byron
    Director of Community Development

    Herder of cats. Drupal core committer. Director of Community Development for Acquia. O'Reilly Media author. Mom. Lesbionic Ace. Nerd. Gamer. INTJ.

    Drupal 8's been out for a while now, giving us plenty of time to find things to love and hate about it. But have no fear Webchick is here to help!

    Angie Byron will help demystify some of the problems and solutions for Drupal 8. Covering everything from how to overcome those tricky left behind module issues, to stable releases, and the upgrade process in general.

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