Introduction: Welcome to Seville

This meeting "Drupal Developer Days 2017" to be held in Seville will be held in the theme park "Isla Mágica" in its facilities known as "El Fuerte". All this is located within the so-called "Isla de la Cartuja", a special region of the city that we want you to know to better organize your trips and times in the city.

Seville Isla de la Cartuja
Seville, Source: Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors

"Isla de la Cartuja" is a land of the city of Seville located between two arms of the river Guadalquivir, one live river and the other a dock. It is understood that the island begins in the Bridge of the Christ of Expiration, place where there is a narrowness of land between the two arms of the river, and ends in the Supernorte Round, where the Guadalquivir dock ends. It belongs to the District of Triana.

The island is about 4 kilometers long by 1.70 wide in its widest part and about 800 meters in its narrowest part and the name "de la Cartuja" is given by the monastery of the Cartuja de Sevilla, which is located on the South side.


Transport and access

Isla Mágica is located in the heart of Seville, on Isla de la Cartuja. Its privileged situation allows to reach from the door of the park to the historical center of Seville in 5 minutes walking, or to reach the airport in about 10 minutes by car.

If you are coming by car:

Isla Mágica is easily accessible by car via the SE-30 ring road. GPS Coordinates: 37º 24 '21.0384 "-5º 59' 57.7494"

From the south of Portugal or Huelva, head towards Seville via the A-49 motorway. Entering the city, follow all the indications to Isla de la Cartuja / Isla Mágica through Carlos III Avenue, Marie Curie Street, Calle Matemáticos Rey Pastor y Castro and Calle José de Gálvez.

From Córdoba you can get to Seville via the A-4 motorway. Before entering the city, follow the signs to Isla de la Cartuja / Isla Mágica by the SE-20 or Ronda Supernorte. Once on Cartuja Island, head to the park along Avenida Carlos III, Marie Curie Street, Calle Matemáticos Rey Pastor y Castro and Calle José de Gálvez.

From Extremadura, head towards Seville via the A-66 or Ruta de la Plata motorway. Take the SE-30 ring road in the direction of Alamillo Bridge / Isla de la Cartuja and then take the exit for Olympic Stadium / Airport. Once on Cartuja Island, head to the park along Avenida Carlos III, Marie Curie Street, Calle Matemáticos Rey Pastor y Castro and Calle José de Gálvez.

From Cádiz take the SE-30 ring road before entering the city and crossing the V Centenario Bridge; Then, take the Highway of the Wall of Defense towards Isla de la Cartuja. Once there, head to the park along Avenida Carlos III, Marie Curie Street, Calle Matemáticos Rey Pastor y Castro and Calle José de Gálvez.

From Malaga, take the A-92 motorway to Seville and take the SE-30 ring road in the direction of Ronda Urbana Norte. Once you have crossed the Alamillo Bridge, take exit 21 towards Isla de la Cartuja / Isla Mágica and arrive at the park following the signs for Avenida Álvaro Alonso Barba and José de Gálvez street.

If you come by train or bus:

Seville is connected to the main Spanish capitals by high speed train (AVE) as well as by conventional train, with services that depart and have their arrival at Santa Justa Railway station. It also has two bus stations that connect it with numerous cities.

Santa Justa Railway Station

How to get there by train or bus

If you have arrived in Ferrocarrill, Seville Santa Justa Railway station is in the heart of Seville. To get to the park you can use the taxi service or urban bus, with the line C2 that has stops at the door of the train station and at the gate of Isla Mágica. Also from the same station you can take the train Cercanías C-2 with stop in Isla de la Cartuja.

If you arrive by bus make sure to which of the two stations in Seville you arrive: Plaza de Armas or Prado de San Sebastián. In any case both are connected with the park with the line of urban buses C3, with stops very close to the door of both stations and to the other side of the Bridge of the Barqueta to get off in Isla Mágica.

Line of buses C1 and C2 get the main door of the venue in the Isla Magica and they cross the whole city, but remember: We won’t use the main entrance, so please take into account that we will use the entrance at C/ Juan Bautista Muñoz

Seville Bus C1 C2

If you come by plane:

The airport of San Pablo receives numerous national and international flights, which allows to reach Seville in a short time from distant places.

How to get from the airport
Seville San Pablo Airport is very close to the city. You can arrive by taxi or by car to Isla Mágica directly, without passing through the city, through the SE-20 or Supernorte Ronda. You also have a bus service that will take you from the airport to Santa Justa railway station.

Route with the Seville Airport, Santa Justa Railway Station and the venue (El Fuerte, Isla Mágica)


Do you need a taxi?

Seville is a city very focused on tourism, so it has a large fleet of taxis to tour the city. However, to go from the airport to Santa Justa we recommend to get the bus direct line (this taxi route is almost private and with pre-fixed prices, very expensive), from being already inside the city, we recommend you take a Taxi whenever necessary. The price of a taxi between the city center and the venue will cost between 5 - 10 euros and access will be quick.

Some annotations about Taxis

In Seville (Taxis in Seville are white with a yellow strip), urban taxis apply a single and unique airport fee for services to or from the airport to the city. In these routes do not apply the supplements by suitcase or packages, by exit of the station of Santa Justa or by nocturnal schedule of weekends. For other destinations, interurban fares apply. It's recommended to request receipt for any claim.

Transfers from the airport to the city, (or the opposite way), are based on the so-called "Unique Airport Fee". This rate is applied by all taxi companies and does not have a surcharge for extras, such as number of packages or suitcases, flag drop, departures from the Santa Justa railway station in Seville, or other tariffable concepts such as weekend or schedule night. Even if the service is requested by phone, you will be added to the taximeter until the point of collection to the passenger.

The taxi ride from Seville Airport to the city center takes about 15 minutes, depending on traffic.

  1. Rate 1.1: Applies from Monday to Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. - 22'20 €
  2. Rate 1.2: Applies from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 pm to 7:00 am; Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, from 0:00 to 24:00; On December 24 and 31, from 0:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.; And the weekdays and the April Fair, from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. - 24'75 € 
  3. Rate 1.3: Applies on weekdays and the April Fair, from 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. - 30'93 €

The Single Airport fare is valid for the route from Sevilla to Seville, within the limits of the ordinary fare, and vice versa.

Taxi Stop at Seville Airport: Terminal T1 - floor 0, sidewalk in Arrivals

You can contact the two big organizations of Taxi of Seville through these numbers of telephone:

 Radio Taxi Sevilla: +(34) 954580000 /  +(34) 954571111

Teletaxi Sevilla: +(34) 954 62 22 22


  Or by using these taxi booking applications:


VERY IMPORTANT: In addition to taxis, there is also a specific bus line connecting the airport with various points of the city for only four euros (the cheapest transfer in the world). This bus line has a stop near the Taxi Stop, at Terminal T1 - floor 0, sidewalk in Arrivals. 

If you are already in Seville and want to come to Isla Mágica, you can do it by car, bus or on foot:

Isla Mágica is located near by the city center of Seville and can be reached by city buses (lines C1 and C2 stop at the door of the park), by car (we will have our own large and guarded parking) or walking, heading to the Isla de la Cartuja, right at the entrance to the Barqueta Bridge.


Seville is a city very prepared for tourism, that is why at least 250 hotels exist throughout the city. However, if you want to make your reservation in advance, we recommend two very important criteria to choose your accommodation:

  1. Choose an accommodation that is near the Venue (Hotel EXE Isla de la Cartuja or Barceló Renacimiento)
  2. Choose an accommodation in the center of the city but you can have the possibility to walk to the Venue (Alameda area, historic center ...)
  3. The historical center of Seville is one of the largest in Europe after Genoa or Venice: Make sure your chosen hotel is really in a close point.

However, the DDD venue and the historic centre are very close (20-minute walk).

We have reached some agreements with hotels that offer discounts and special prices if you come to Drupal Developer Days 2017

Barceló Renacimiento (+(34) 954 46 22 22)


Hotel EXE Cartuja ( / +(34) 954 08 17 00)

  • Near the venue (10-minute walk) and from the historic centre (25-minute walk):
  • 20 rooms available now from 21th to 25th March
  • Price (*): Single (103€), Double (109€), Triple (135€) 
  • Daily Breakfast at the hotel included 
  • Discount: You need to say you will attend to Drupal Developer Days 2017
  • (*) Taxes included


Hotel H10 Corregidor - Boutique Hotel (+(34) 954 38 51 11)

  • In the historic centre. Distance to the venue 25-minute walk:
  • 10/15 rooms available now from 21th to 25th March.
  • Discount: 10% if you stay more than  three nights and you say you will attend to Drupal Developer Days 2017. We already have the promotional code for attendees to the event that make their reservations using the website of this hotel and they can benefit from the 10% discount on the published prices; Just enter on the website, click on "Promotional Code" write DRUPALSVQ and search. 

Other Hotels near the venue and historic centre




VISA invitation request

If you're visiting from outside of Spain, you may need a visa. Please review the Spanish Visitor Visa requirements, as you may qualify for our Visa Waiver Program.

The Drupal Spanish Association is happy to issue an official letter of invitation to registered attendees. If you need a visa to travel, you can request one here! Letters are issued as soon as possible and the final day to request a visa invitation letter is February 30, 2017.

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