Advanced Configuration Management with Config Split et al.

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So you know how to use configuration management in Drupal 8. It works great for its intended use case but you have more advanced needs and Drupal core and drush don’t really help you? You read or write blog posts pointing out shortcomings of Drupals configuration management?

Configuration Split and its friends will jump in and help with almost all your Configuration Management struggles. Some configuration needs to exist only in some environments, like development modules? Your client edits some configuration on the production site? You have two sites that are almost the same but not exactly? You checked out configuration split but didn’t get what it does?

At this session all your questions will be answered and you will love the configuration management in Drupal 8 even more. Next to Configuration Split and its road map we will also see some other solutions for other potential stumbling blocks, such as deploying configuration which depends on content or installing a site from existing configuration.

Modules covered:

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