Beyond the web: Mobile apps using Drupal & Ionic 2

Ignacio González Bullón

Would you like to take your site beyond the web and leverage both the Drupal RESTful api and native applications capabilities in order to improve the user experience?

In this session we will build a simple hybrid application using Ionic 2 and a Drupal api to provide better user experience adding some extra features such as:

  • Push notifications
  • Camera and gallery
  • Badges
  • Calendar
  • Calling a phone number

To make this session more useful for the attendants, it would be nice if they already had installed some ionic related basic software such as:

  • node and npm (optional yarn)
  • ionic and cordova latest versions (npm i -g ionic cordova or yarn global add ionic cordova)
  • Android SDK (or xcode) with the corresponding path entries (such as ANDROID_HOME or ANDROID_TOOLS)

This is the repo with the tutorial we've been following.

And here are the slides of the presentation

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