Building a (developer) documentation distro in Drupal 8

Kitti Radovics
Kristof Van Tomme
Site Building

For many, documentation is an ugly word, and documentation portals are not perceived to be as sexy as media, sports, government or global not-for-profit websites. Documentation also doesn't get the massive budgets that marketing sites can commandeer. But for us, that is a feature and not a bug. We love documentation projects that is why we decided to build a developer portal distro in Drupal 8.

Building a multi-purpose developer portal distribution, spotting the common characteristics without over-specifying the requirements, is hard. Ultimately, our aim is to reduce the amount of customisation sites need and to create a great developer and documentation experience out-of-the-box.

This talk is a specialisation showcase, with examples from our own business. Through it we will explain:

  • Why we decided to turn our generalist Drupal consultancy into a developer portal agency.
  • Why we chose documentation
  • How we are executing our specialisation strategy.
  • When you should and when you shouldn't build a distro
  • We'll also give you a sneakpeak of our Drupal 8 developer portal distro...
  • Common patterns found on developer documentation portals
  • What guidelines to follow when building landing pages with Paragraphs and our experience with defining the building blocks.
  • How to set up API documentation in Drupal from various resources and how to manage the different types on the same interface.

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