Building a media site from scratch

Site Building

Get your development environment ready beforehand.

Media ecosystem in Drupal 8 is very powerful and can solve majority of use-cases in the domain. But it is also
very big and complex, which can cause a lot of problems for site-builders that come across it for the first time.

There are pre-built plug and play solutions such as the File entity browser and distributions that pre-configure
media such as Thunder and Lightning. They provide an easy solution if you’re happy with what they provide,
but as soon as you face a bit specific requirements you need to face the complexity again.

But it is not that hard at all. As soon as you understand few basic concepts every starts quickly coming into the
place. In order to learn this basics we’ll build an imaginary media website from scratch. We will use all of the
most important modules from the media ecosystem and see what can be done with site-building only.

After this workshop you’ll have basic understanding about the Drupal 8 media ecosystem: which components it
consists of, what is the role of each individual components and how everything fits together to provide nice
content creation experience.

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