(CANCELLED) Is Drupal 8 still a CMS?

Site Building

Drupal 8 brought a lot of improvements into its code but does it mean that site-builders are left on the side? One of the CMS first goal is to be able to build a web site without any technical knowledge (HTML, CSS, PHP…). Version 8 of Drupal is the best Drupal we ever had as a CMF (Content Management Framework) but what does it bring as a CMS?
This session is all about building a site with mouse clicks only. NO CODE. So what are the available new tools we can use? Layout plugin? Page manager? Display Suite? View modes?
You will see how those tools can bring some awesomeness for site-builder. We will explore the following modules:

* Views (advanced usage).
* blocks management with the Block Visibility Groups module.
* Layout Plugin (soon in core!).
* Paragraphs and its complementary modules.
* Place Blocks.
* Display Suite.
* Inline Entity Form
* Field Group.
* Workspace.
* Panels.
* Webform.
* Features.

The session is an example of how to create a nice Drupal 8 site for site-builder.

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