Do your best to make your web page accessible


Drupal 8 has many features already built-in to get your page accessible as much as possible and the initiative is doing great work. Core themes and modules alone, give you high level of accessibility.

Why is than even a session for that, you might ask? Because most of the problems come from custom modules and themes built from scratch by developers who don't have accessibility in their mind.

In this session, we will first check what accessibility even means and why should your care about it. We will check some numbers and what are all the different ways of accessing web pages.

Than we will quickly go through a guidance from W3C to see what's most important and if there are any new items that you should be aware of.

After that we will do a quick check of where Drupal 8 shines and all the areas where developers can destroy things that are already in core. We will check the most common mistakes that all of us are doing and we're not even aware of them, because everything looks great for you on desktop.

At the end we will quickly go through a couple of tools that are useful and can help you along the way.

The main goal of this session from my perspective is to set accessibility in your mind and to be aware of it next time you are building your own module or theme.

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