Docker, your best ally to migrate & upgrading your Drupal


Upgrading your Drupal site can be a difficult, time-consuming ,and expensive task. However, what would you think if it was possible to reduce costs and get it done in a painless and quicker way? Have you heard about Docker? For sure you have and if not, here you will!

Using Docker in this kind of processes and doing Continous Delivery with it to get results as soon as possible is a key factor.

Maybe you think "I know how to use Docker to develop with Drupal" but, do you really know it? I am not talking about having a Docker instance in your development environment, I am talking about having a farm of coordinated docker images in order to minimize problems during the migration process, as well as to predict the impact of upgrading our Drupal system and knowing your Techincal Debt about the upgrade.

During the talk we will work with Drupal 8, Docker, OS, bash, Jenkins...In short, an awesome mix!

If you are reading this right now, I have to tell you something very important:

  1. Big thanks for your time!
  2. Keep your Drupal spirit!

Here are the slides of the presentation

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