Drupal 8 Caching overview


This talk aims provide an overview of the extensive caching features in Drupal 8. First it will introduce the low-level API’s and concepts. From there, I will go through the more advanced topics that are built on top of render caching, page caching and Big Pipe.


  • Basics
  • Cache Backends
  • Cache bins
  • Cache invalidation
  • Render caching
  • Cacheability metadata: Keys, Tags, Contexts, Age
  • Page cache & BigPipe

About me

I’m a maintaining the entity system and am also heavily involved in many other components, including the caching API. I also maintain the redis cache backend and many other contributed projects. At MD Systems, we have 3 years experience building Drupal 8 sites and launched our first production sites when Drupal 8 was still in alpha.

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