Drupaler drinks some Elixir - what happens next?


Drupal community likes to say that it has gotten off the island. We adopted Symfony and some other PHP
libraries for Drupal 8. But apart from that we’re still camping on our own island most of the time. Things are
getting better though; Composer adoption in our community is growing and we seem to be more and more
involved in the wider PHP community.

But there is a catch. PHP is just a small archipelago in a huge ocean. Guess what? There are other islands,
continents and reefs out there. Is there anything that we can learn from them?

I recently tried Elixir - a modern, scalable, easy to maintain functional language that runs on Erlang. The latter
was designed in the 80s at Ericsson. It was initially created in order to run telephone switches.
Elixir/Erlang come with some very nice features: amazing performance, fault-tolerance, high availability,
scalability, hot-swappability, …

We will see how did my experiment turn out and what can be learned from the world outside of PHP.

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