Drupalize remote data with external entities


As Drupal evolves to be a tool that connects multiple systems together the need to interact with external data is crucial.

Having a REST API to interact with is great but what if you want to actually leverage that data to create experiences that are closer to Drupal concepts like entities, view modes, form modes, permissions, views,etc.
Here is where the module External entities can help you.

Drupal 8 is built database agnostic. It should not matter for Drupal anymore if data for an entity is coming from the internal SQL-database, an external json file or anything else.

In this session we will show:

  • What are the basic features of the module and how to use them.
  • The current state of the module.
  • How to write a simple backend and expose data as drupal entities.
  • Future plans

Background: At Ymbra we built site leveraging this module and contributed back some features and bugfixes. Rodrigo Aguilera is one of the current maintainers.


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