Enhance your testing experience with the Migrate Default Content module


Our site should always be tested by developers, QA, and clients with content as close as possible to the real one. In addition, we should have different use cases for different situations within our page: nodes with all fields filled with different lenghts, some translated nodes and some not, with more than one image, etc. How can we provide our different environments with this content and integrate this in the day to day development using a simple API and having it all under a version control system?

Migrate Default Content assist you on creating content using simple CSV or YML files as data source to create content for any Drupal entity, including, multivalued fields and translations; using Migrate API.

In this session we will show:

  • What are the basic features of the module and how to use them.
  • The current state of the module.
  • How to write a simple migration using the current integrations
  • Future plans (let’s contribute back)

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