Headless Drupal: the Gizra way

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Roy Segall

Gizra has been doing Headless Drupal for a long time and the technology stack has evolved a lot since the very begining. In this two hours workshop, we will have a look at our current tools, how do we use them and the benefits of using them: reliability, development speed, maintanability...

During the workshop we will develop a chatroom: we will start with the backend, where we still use Drupal 7, with the Restful module and the ecosystem around it. We will move into the frontend, where we currently use Elm. Real time aplications are super cool, so we will see our current tool for them: Pusher and how we integrate it with Drupal and with Elm.

And we will end up having a look at the bright future of Drupal 8: Rest, GraphQL, JSON API.

Slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1RIMBy8Tjf6yn-fZuBVv381n1KfLGEWN…

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