Improving content creation with Paragraphs


The digital transformation heavily disrupts the media industry and constantly raises the expectations of our users. End users want to experience rich content, tailored to their device or channel, ultimately with the right amount of personalisation.

We need to enable the creativity of our content creators and empower them to publish appealing content. Paragraphs is moving along with this trends and helping the shift from site building & configuration to content.

In this session we will show:
- What are the plans for the future for Paragraphs
- What is the current status with a closer look on the new behavior plugin system and Paragraphs collection
- How can you help

Background: MD Systems relaunched 10+ major Swiss news portals with Drupal 8. Collaboration through Open Source for digital innovation is our passion. Primoz Hmeljak is co-maintaining Paragraphs Collection and mentoring the Paragraphs team.

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