Information is power


As the title states, information is power, no matter which area you are thinking about.

From site statistics intended to know more about the commercial profile of your users, to the hit/miss rates on your Varnish cache server, defining metrics and collecting data is one of the most productive tasks you can perform on your system once it is launched to production - not to forget the data analysis and interpretation.

In this session, we will review some critical points on your project where you may want to know what is happening - so you can react in time. We will also provide information about some useful tools that can help you to collect and understand the valuable data that your application produces but sometimes is just ignored. Finally, a bit about metrics definition will be discussed, and we will review some best practices on collected data management.

Your system produces lots of information, use it to empower yourself!

About the speaker

My name is Ezequiel "Zequi" Vázquez, and I am a developer on Lullabot. I am a web engineer specialized in PHP & Drupal development, with strong background on DevOps, virtualization & cloud computing, and highly interested on high performance & availability. IT security is one of my passions.

I have been speaker on last four DrupalCamp Spain editions and on DrupalCon Europe 2015, and usually collaborate with local meeting groups and local universities to talk mainly about web security and Drupal.

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