More than a CMS: Native Drupal CRM & BPM

James Abrahams
Case Studies

For the past 7 years we have been developing and delivering CRM (Customer Relationship Management) & BPM (Business Process Management) 'the Drupal way' using entities & panels to organisations sometimes managing millions of contacts, and have invested over £350k in building a Drupal distribution providing this functionality for all to freely use.

Using case studies from across both the commercial sector like Enders Analysis and NGOs including Friends of the Earth Europe we will show how integrated CMS, CRM & BPM solutions with intelligent integrations significantly outperform providing CMS functionality with external integrations into third party software such as CiviCRM & Salesforce. Benefits in terms of flexibility, ease of use, time to market, total cost of ownership, software and data sovereignty, and turning problem systems into a joy rather than a chore to use are all down to Drupal's capabilities to be much more than just a CMS!

We are currently rebuilding our flagship product in Drupal 8 and this session is a retrospective of what we've learned over the years along with a look forward to what's coming in Drupal 8 and how you can get involved.

Attendees of this session will leave with knowledge of the tools required to offer more to their clients or organisation using Drupal than to just manage content, along with an insight into the trials and tribulations of building a product with Drupal.

Here’s a link to a webinar we recorded a year ago about our native Drupal CRM:

This will be a more developer-oriented version of the session we're presenting at DrupalCamp London 2017:…

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