QA on drupal projects


One of the first things that I have found out when we talk about QA on Drupal projects, is that almost everyone thinks about xUnit testing and some of them think about having a Jenkins. But QA is much more!

Another thing developers think when they find out they will work with QA members, is that "QA is the enemy" but they are wrong: QA is a friend.
Here you have some things we will learn together:

  • What QA really means
  • Integrating QA teams into Drupal teams: The team QA & DEV workflows together
  • Type of tests to be applied
  • Continuous Integration
    • Code Inspection
    • Unit testing
    • Functional testing through Selenium
    • Continuous Delivery with Docker

If you have experience with Drupal, all the better. But if you are starting in this world you will also be welcome, I am sure you will enjoy it!

Here are the slides of the presentation

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