Theming Components with D8 and Fractal


What is Fractal? Fractal is a tool to help you build and document web component libraries, and then integrate them into your projects.
We will show the long way we came, the problems we faced, and the lessons we learned. Thinking component based, changes the way to code, the communication with the client and teamwork.
How to:

setup Fractal within a Drupal project
structure the directories
reuse twig, SCSS and JS
use mock data and
do custom documentation

While still not perfect, we present our living styleguide solution and how to target a decoupled frontend design, but not repeating yourself. With the power of Gulp, Markdown, Faker, Fractal and Twig we found a decent workflow to be challenged by your opinions. It is not easy to find a healthy balance between the needs of fronted and backend - but with Fractal there is a reusable, independent solution.
This session is for frontend geeks and backend developer heavily involved in the theming domain.

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