What factors do influence someone not to choose Drupal?


After a brief intro about the open source world of content management, my presentation will focus on different statistics and factors, through examples of different web development project types mainly focusing on Drupal and WordPress. Those two content management systems are the fastest growing ones, and currently they are the leaders in the statistics for websites using CMS technologies.

Presentation will cover following key points:
- Open source CMS statistics and factors
- Client-side requirements and limitations
- Drupal vs Wordpress
- Model development and representation
- Live demo - testing the model with the real sets of client data. Model prototype is built with spreadsheets using DEMATEL and ANP methods - structural modelling techniques that identify interdependences among the factors and elements with contextual relationships. Goal of the model is to convert input data sets into a readable result.

During the session I will showcase the data about feature sets like performance, security, scalability, navigation, SEO etc. I will go through Drupal strengths and weaknesses, while giving suggestions on how to drive adoption, based on the research and statistics gathered from relevant sources in the past few years.

Method and the model are the main focus of my master thesis research project, at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). Therefore, they are supported with a thorough research in the content management system area on different client solutions, from micro-site to the complete digital transformation.

About me

I am currently finishing my master studies at EPFL. My previous experience counts three years of freelance WordPress and front-end web development, working on a variety of projects. Currently, I am working at MD Systems, mostly on Paragraphs open source initiative, alongside my current master research project. I will be doing presentation on 18th of February, alongside Miro Dietiker at Davos Mountain camp about Paragraphs module - Content experience with paragraphs.

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